Best Topics to Initiate Conversation

VeronikaLove is the dating site where your main tool of building relations is a conversation. Here are the most interesting topics that will give you hours of discussion and the possibility to open yourself and your lady from the new side.
If a girl does not drive a car and does not express a special desire to own such a vehicle, you should not load her with details such as the engine of your iron horse. But you can talk about the car of your dreams or remember which car appeared in the last Bond film. Funny bad habits
Don't talk about your habit of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, drinking two liters of beer at lunch, or biting your nails. Think of something sweeter that brings a smile to your face. About the habit of drawing funny faces on paper during a telephone conversation, for example.
How to make them better and how to spend them more pleasantly. The attitude to money among people from different countries. The main thing when discussing this topic is not to come across as a curmudgeon or a spender.
Sisters and brothers, nephews, funny toddlers walking nearby, and mothers passing by with strollers. Children are a pretty sweet and enjoyable topic if not overused. For example, you should not immediately announce your desire to have triplets and share pre-selected names, just as it is not recommended to talk about your categorical rejection of children.
You can start with the simplest thing - find out if she is a cat lady or a dog lover, prefers colorful fish in an aquarium, or keeps a family of guinea pigs at home. Pet owners willingly talk about their pets, show their photographs, and will just as gladly listen to the story about your iguana or talking parrot.
Even if a girl has been living in one place her entire adult life, with a little preliminary preparation, you can easily overwhelm her with your knowledge of local attractions, tell a funny story about an old house, or about what significant personalities lived on this street.
"Without men, the planet would be inhabited by cheerful and fat women." This is me to the fact that even in the minutes when we are sadly poking around in a spring salad or decisively refuse the second piece of cake for dessert (because they suddenly decided that it was not a dress that had worn out, but we had gotten a little), we are still respectful and warm we are related to the topic of food. You can talk about your grandmother's favorite pies or the most exotic dish you have tasted lately. Or share the secret of the location of the café where the best coffee in town is brewed. With such a conversation, your invitation to dinner or a joint coffee party will be logical and, most likely, will be gladly accepted.
Healthy lifestyle
If you did not meet in line for shawarma or nutritious cheeseburger, you can talk about a healthy lifestyle - since there is a lot of information on this topic in all media sources, so any Internet user can be considered an expert in nutritional issues and correct habits.
Another safe conversation topic. Favorite films, directors, discussion of the latest cinema events. And if you also manage to show off a phrase from her favorite movie, a trip to the cinema is guaranteed for you!
Be original - admit you're not just reading the news when you open your email. Tell us about your favorite book and promise to give it to read. Ask what she reads and which writer she loves the most. Or maybe recently there was a film adaptation of her favorite book? An occasion to watch her together.
How the girl spends the weekend, her favorite places for a long weekend, and your recommendations on how to diversify a short vacation. Listen carefully and do not criticize in any way, even if she does not get up from the couch in front of the TV for two days. Better to offer something more interesting and, most importantly, joint.
RelationsTalk about general topics - what she values in her partner, what kind of relationship she strives for, and what couples are an example for her. You shouldn't go into the details of an unpleasant breakup with your ex-girlfriend, and you shouldn't ask your ex-boyfriend's chest volume either.
Favorite holiday, what gifts he likes to receive, whether he likes to give gifts and, as usual, chooses them, the most memorable celebration in recent years. And many many others. This is a truly fun and inexhaustible topic of conversation.
Tell a funny story that happened to you or your friends while on vacation. Ask her where she prefers to rest and what kind of rest she likes best. Share useful information about the country where she is going to go or offer your services as a guide to the places she would like to visit.

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