Best Topics to Discuss with a Lady

Dating online on VeronikaLove means that you write letters and chat! And here are the best and most interesting topics you can discuss with a lady to make her interested in you.

1. Movies.

This is a neutral and good topic, especially if you have a first date. Everyone loves cinema, and you will definitely have something to say. Feel free to discuss her favorite films, genres, actors. But do not forget to insert your opinion about them. Ask which movie made a strong impression on her and why. Discuss your opinions and powerful moments of the film. The main thing here is to start, then everything will go by itself. Remember that you ask this for a reason. And to arm yourself with the necessary information that is useful to you in the future.

2. Hobbies.

What topics to talk with a girl? The simplest thing is to find out what she is interested in, how she spends her free time. Whether she likes activity or prefers to spend a weekend at home. Hobbies will greatly reveal you to each other. You will understand what you like and charge her, you will know where she gets emotions from. This is very useful to you in a relationship with her. Listen carefully to her and ask related questions. It is also an ideal topic to make a second date at the same time. For example, if a girl says she loves to skate, you can ask to teach you.

3. Travel.

Ask her about travel. Where has she already been, where does she dream to go, which country has made the greatest impression on her, and why? What does she pay attention to when traveling? How many cities in her country did she manage to visit? Also, be sure to tell where you were and what you remember most. Such topics seem very simple, but they are the ones that can work wonders. She will share with you something personal, emotions, impressions, dreams. And that already means a lot.

4. Sports.

This is something that is always relevant and interesting to almost everyone. But there is one important warning: if a girl is overweight, it is better not to touch on the topic of sports. This is a danger zone. If everything is clear with the figure, then ask what her favorite sport is. Does she practice in the hall, which she prefers? Remember to praise her result. Tell me what a wonderful shape she is. You can also talk about your preferences. You can discuss the diet with her and give some tips on what to eat before and after training.

5. Friends.

Talking about friends is a great idea to get to know a girl better. It is very important to know in which circles it rotates. How they like to spend their free time, what unites them. Do not be afraid to ask additional questions. Just make sure it doesn't look like an interrogation. You too can tell about your friends and what qualities you value in them. You can discuss the topic of friendship between men and women, this is quite interesting.

6. Childhood.

In most cases, people have very good and fond memories associated with this time. Ask what kind of child she was, how she loved to play, what adults said about her. She will feel like a little girl, and you will cause positive emotions. This will be a very important moment in your date that she will remember. If you have any funny and funny childhood stories, be sure to tell them. You will make it clear that you trust her. And between you will establish a closer contact.

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