An Ideal Husband: Who Is He?

Every girl has probably imagined the image of her husband since childhood. It is clear that the ideals of husbands for different girls are completely different. And at the same time, there are common features. What kind of husband would most Slavic women on Veronikalove want to see next to them? So, here are the main characteristics of the ideal husband model:

1. Loving

Wives expect love, adoration and passion from their husbands. They want to take the first place in the hierarchy of the husband's values. The ideal husband confirms his feelings for his wife every day, so that she feels like the most beautiful, most desirable, most beloved, happiest woman in the world. Since a real man believes that a woman should be beautiful, happy, loved. The best confirmation of love is deeds.

2. Caring

Present. Warm blanket if cold. Sweet words. Household little things that warm a woman's soul. When his wife is sick, she does everything possible and impossible to support her. In difficult times, he does not run away, but calmly takes on solving problems. The husband must take care of his family.

3. Understanding

For an ideal husband, it is not at all a secret what thoughts are in his wife's head. He knows how to listen, ask, understand. He accepts his wife for who she is. Forgives her shortcomings and weaknesses. The ideal husband leaves the wife an opportunity for her personal space, approves of her girlfriends, friends, relatives. Helps her chosen one in her hobbies, supports her in her endeavours.

4. Courageous

You can always rely on an ideal husband, be sure of his promises. You can always hide behind him, like behind a stone wall. He rejects all violence against women. He knows how to make money and provide for the needs of his family. Protects the family from poverty.

5. Smart

The ideal husband knows for sure that his wife is the smartest of women, so one head is good, and two is better. And he helps her to develop further, developing himself. He knows how to convince his wife to do as he would like without conflicts.

7. Faithful

You can always trust him. He does not cheat on his wife. Honesty, honor, dignity are his principles. Family is the main priority in his life.

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