7 ideas for a romantic date in the summer

"Summer, oh, summer ...". Hot season in every sense. In summer, lovers have many opportunities to have a great time. You can travel to your lady from VeronikaLove and have the best summer date you can only imagine. Here are a few variants of them for you to choose from and experience!

Beach. How without it!

Choose the nearest romantic place if there is no way to go to hot countries. Take with you everything you need for swimming, choose the day when the moon path will definitely appear on the water. What can I say, such moments are very close?

Organize a boat ride

Remember the classic: "We rode on a boat, not rowing, but kissing." Exactly. Everything is very romantic, unhurried, beautiful, you can casually show off your muscles while rowing.

Go to a rooftop bar or restaurant

Or find a place where such an exit to the roof is not closed from strangers and you can admire the city at night. And let the site be open, that is why it is summer, to spend more time in the fresh air.

Go to another city

Just take a trip to another place! Somewhere where you lady hasn't been yet. This will be very romantic and interesting for both of you, as exploring new horizons unite people.

Night walk under the starry sky

The most beautiful sky in our country is in the summer when there are unusually many stars. Choose yours, chat about little things, kiss, and freeze - you can always go home.

Go to the water park or pool

If there is no suitable beach, well, a very summer option. It is advisable to choose the day and time of day when there are fewer people in the water park and pool, especially with children, otherwise, there will be much less romance.

Open-air cinema

If your city has a cinema for motorists - it's time to go there. Watch a movie hugging on the seat of your own car. Immediately remember Hollywood films, where such moments are always shown as very romantic.

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