21st of January – International Hug Day

There are many different interactions that people can do to show affection or positive attitude towards each other. Some are suitable only for friendship, others will fit for those who are in very close relations, or something that can be understood and accepted only in the narrow circle of one family. But the most widespread gesture that has existed since really ancient times is a hug.

Back in 1986, students, the most creative and freely-thinking people, invented the Hugging Day. Initially, it was National and was existing only in the USA, but with time is quickly gained popularity and spread along the globe.

Its main goal is to share with people the warmth of your soul, to support those who need this, and to make the loneliness fade away. On the 21st of January it is “officially” allowed to hug everyone and to be hugged by anyone who wishes this. According to psychologists, hugging gives us the feeling of comfort and protection, so both sides of this interaction will have a positive result and a better mood.

This day, people tend to create various flashmobs. Their main topic is, surely, hugging people around. You might meet people holding posters with the phrase “Free hugs” and other words meaning that you can easily come up to this person and get a warm and supporting hug.

Dating at the distance on VeronikaLove may be really emotionally hard. You can’t touch your beloved Slavic lady, you can’t hold your hands. But still you can hear her voice, and see her attractive face, as you can make a Phone Call to her, or spend time in Online Video Chat. But how can you celebrate the International Hug Day with her? As this is surely the holiday for those who in love!

You may, for example, send her a gift. This can be something that all ladies adore – a teddy bear! Of course, a toy will never replace you, and until you meet each other in person, your Russian bride will be missing you, but till that moment she might hug this bear tightly imagining you on its place!

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