Miss Delight Global Final Show on 6-7 of September

The Final show of Miss Delight on VeronikaLove has arrived! On the 6th and 7th of September all our great and valued members have the wonderful possibility to enjoy the most astonishing and breathtaking Ukrainian ladies! There are 30 finalists who won in the hard competition. 500 women were competing each other for a long moth and during two tours in which you, our dearest customers, were deciding who is worth the title Miss Delight!

The ladies who will take part in the show are considered to be the most beautiful in Ukraine, and it were you who have chosen them! But agree, there can be only one Miss Delight who makes your heart beat faster and your knees tremble from happiness and heat when you see her. This show will define who of all is truly the worth!

The faery show will be held in two stages. On the 6th of September, in the semifinal, ladies from all Ukrainian cities will try to surprise members of jury and prove that one of them is the best! During the second, final stage, the ladies will take part in defile, bikini show and contest of talents.

You have a great possibility to watch the show online staying at home! The Show Broadcast will be shown on the site VeronikaLove and you can book any stage of the show or even both of them not to miss a single minute of this great show organized especially for you!

But don't think that if you didn't manage to visit the show personally you will not take part in it. Only on VeronikaLove, while the show will be broadcast, you will manage to vote for one of 30 ladies who you consider to be the best. The lady who gains the most votes will be granted with the title Miss Delight Online Star and will also receive a gift even if she doesn't get any place according to the judge's opinion!

Don't miss this show, only 2 days, September 6-7 on VeronikaLove! This Global Final Show will be the most epic even you have seen for the whole year!

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