January 31 – International Jeweler’s Day

Jewelry ate not only just decorations. They show your status and that you are a valuable person with a good taste and enough finances to allow yourself something precious. Since ancient times people were decorating themselves with such metals. And until now no one seems to give up this wonderful tradition.

On the 31st of January the world celebrates the day of profession that allows us to receive all these marvelous decorations. The jewelers are the real creators of masterpieces that your can enjoy entering any jewelry store, for example, to choose an engagement ring that will tie your destiny with the gorgeous Russian single lady of your dreams!

It is widespread among Slavic ladies to wear lots of golden jewelry at once. Usually, the image of a lady wearing 3-4 golden rings, earrings, a bracelet and a pendant on a golden chain surprises people from other countries, but for Russians and Ukrainians this is quite normal. In such a way ladies try to show that they are even more beautiful, and also prosperous! And you actually can help your Slavic bride look better!

On VeronikaLove there are many real gifts that you can send, and that will be delivered in just a few days, and your lady will be happy from an unexpected surprise you have prepared! Among the jewelry presented on the site, you can choose a gold necklace, but for it you surely need to add some pendant, a heart-shaped one or simply a beautiful to the taste of your lady! Or you can present her a marvelous bracelet that she will surely gladly wear every day remembering you and thinking about your love! Any lady’s heart can be melted with a golden jewelry, just check this!

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