Most Important Country Holidays of Ukraine: Independence Day and National Flag Day

Ukraine is proud to celebrate its most important holidays that state that this country is independent and free. All Ukrainian ladies are going to have fun these days, and as this is the national holiday, all organizations have a day off! This is the wonderful opportunity for you to congratulate them on VeronikaLove site, as the ladies will be free to chat with you as long as you wish!

The National Flag Day was established in 2004, on the 23rd of August. It praises the Ukrainian flag as one of the most important symbols of the country. The flag consists of two equal stripes of blue and yellow color. It is believed that it means the free sky and the endless fields with which Ukraine is really rich.

The independence Day is another important holiday of Ukraine. It was established on the 1991, on the 24th of August. This decision was made by the whole country on the referendum. Previously the country was the part of the USSR, and after this day it became the independent democratic country with its own laws and borders. The whole world accepted this decision and the freedom of people.

On the 24th of August people don't work in all establishments. People tend to spend free time outside, as August is usually a very hot month in Ukraine. Everyone often goes to nature. However, the main celebrations are surely held in the cities.

The local authorities organize different parades. Women dress up in their best dresses and national clothes called “vyshyvanka”. These are usually white shirts with bright embroidery. Some ladies even make them by their own hands!

There are famous singers invited to the celebrations, and in the evening people can attend lots of great concerts. And, of course, approximately at the midnight the city starts to launch fireworks. Citizens also tend to purchase them themselves and enjoy with friends the flowers blooming in the night sky.

Another way of spending this day is with the family. Ukrainian ladies gather their closest people at the family dinner. Food is an integral part of Ukrainian society. During the dinner, the family discusses everything that has happened during the time they didn't see each other. And you have a great possibility to please your lady this day! You can present her a remarkable gift on VeronikaLove – a dinner! And your Ukrainian beauty will appreciate time with her family due to you!

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