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How to Date with a Lady in Winter

In winter, people fall in love too, especially with the help of the VeronikaLove site. And they even go on the most romantic dates in life! And we have collected some ideas for a "snowy" (or gentle) meeting? Rink The easiest way to spend unforgettable few hours together is with an ice rink. Imagine: winter…
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Sparkling Red Fox from Kyiv

Galina from Kyiv, Ukraine: "I am a very active and passionate girl) I think my hair color should say a lot) Because red-haired girls are not afraid to express their feelings, and I am sure that my future man will be delighted with it) I travel often) I think you are already noticed that I work as a conductor on a train) My life also consists of travel) I speak English very well. Once I was married, but it ended sadly ... I was faithful to him to the end ... I have an adult daughter and now I want peace and quiet with my future man. Do you want to know which route I am going? So I will answer you that I am going straight to your heart and do not go astray)"

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15th of December – International Tea Day

Every year on December 15 in all countries that maintain the status of the world's leading tea producers, International Tea Day is celebrated - the holiday of one of the oldest and healthiest drinks on Earth. The purpose of the Day is to draw the attention of governments and citizens to the problems of tea…
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11th of December – International Day of Tango

What can be more passionate than Tango? Of course, now we have to keep social distance to keep safe, but VeronikaLove is the best option for building relations in this case! You can set a Video Chat with the lady any moment you wish - and see her dancing for you! As 11th of December…
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