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Sensuality and love in the air…

Daria from Kharkiv: "I am trustworthy on this Dating site, responsive, sociable, smiling, sentimental girl with a good heart and strong character. I'm a loyal, family-oriented, old-fashioned, classy lady. I am an ambitious, calm, adventurous, risky, open, smart and brave woman. I love baking cakes and pastries. I like to create comfort, plant flowers, and home plants. I like to read novels and poems. Psychology and the art of interesting science to me. I like beautiful nature, meeting interesting people, visiting interesting places."

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Things You Shouldn’t Do on the First Date

One of the most important stages of a relationship is the first date. After all, it is after him that you can both arouse the girl’s even greater interest and discourage any desire to continue communicating with you. At best, she will transfer you to the category of "friends." Men, in order to make a…
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How to Choose Flowers for your Lady

What flowers to give to your girlfriend? Most men, falling in love, wonder what flowers to give a girl to express the fullness of their feelings, avoiding such a frightening declaration of love in words. It should be noted that in vain some men consider a bouquet of flowers as pampering and a waste of…
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The best look ever

Svetlana from Zaporizhzhia: "I am a lady who dreams of flying on a plane and grow pink tulips. I like sweets, I am fond of Pilates, Zumba dancing and TRX and most of my time I devote to my son who is my family. When I have spare time I like devoting it to my son (going for walks, to the skating rink, beach, cinema) and my dog. I also like reading and meeting with my friends."

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